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Makes sense, Ph D psychologists are not exactly the “strip club type,” and some background research was necessary for “academics [who] may be unfamiliar with the gentle-men’s club subculture.” They even went into the intricate details: Dancers typically wear very little perfume, but they often have breast implants, dye their head hair, trim their pubic hair, shave their legs and underarms, and adopt a “stage name” different from their real first name.They typically do regular aerobic and resistance exercise to maintain a fit, lean body shape.*His prowess is documented weekly via his Twitter timeline and many field reports on The Attraction Forum.•Krauser PUA from England of Krauser’s PUA Adventure.However, I hardly learned anything applicable in any of those books.Click on the image above to “Subscribe” and download in itunes. 2013, I break down the fundamentals of winning in online dating!

Then I’d have to re read the damn thing just to mark the applicable sections relevant to what I’m looking for.

*He’s been tearing up the bloggersphere for the past few years via solid Game and in-field prowess.

To my female readers who read the title and said, “duh, you didn’t need science to figure that one out,” (minus the bears part) hear me out.

My man Bobby Rio of TSB Magazine had his list of 2010, Alpha Wolf aka Vince Lin, and Casual of PUA Lingo had their list of 2011.

So for 2012, I’ll be debuting my list of PUA-dating coaches, on whom you can cast your quasi vote.


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