Who is teresa earnhardt dating

She is the president and Chief Executive Officer of Dale Earnhardt, Inc., thus making her the first woman in NASCAR history to own a team.

She was portrayed by Elizabeth Mitchell in the movie 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story.

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Actually it has been said that she was dating that Menard guy - you know the one with the money.

Menard and Theresa have been seen together according to news articles.

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The Menard's are famous for the Menard's Home Improvement Centers. Dating to November 2004, Earnhardt has won two Nextel Cup races, two of 84.

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Teresa Earnhardt (née Houston) is the widow of Dale Earnhardt and mother of Taylor Nicole Earnhardt (born December 20, 1988).

She is the stepmother of Kerry Earnhardt, Kelley Earnhardt Elledge and Dale Earnhardt Jr.


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