Rome patchata nampan dating

Cũng giống như tất cả các diễn viên Thái Lan khác, Rome Patchata không thể nào tránh khỏi những tin đồn về giới tính mặc dù anh đã tuyên bố công khai với truyền thông mình là "trai thẳng". Chompoo likes pink and she loves to eat cherry and mango.There's actually nothing that special about the storyline, it's like a typical Lakorn - the Pra'ek is forced to marry a girl (Nang'ek) his mother picked for him.... Well, this girlfriend tries every evil deed in and outside the book to get him back.The Pra'ek also stupidly promised his girlfriend, that he would come back to her after a year.He is the only child and heir to his family's company, a womanizer and too lazy to help the business.Kongkai is dating Proongchat when his mother gives him an ultimatum : Marry Arunprapai or get nothing.

Tuy nhiên, người đồng tính trong giới nghệ sĩ Thái vẫn được lòng người hâm mộ, thậm chí họ cho rằng đồng tính khiến thần tượng của họ hấp dẫn và lôi cuốn hơn.

But things didn't go the way the Pra'ek and his gf planned.

The other concept I liked about Mia Taeng is the issue of who will take over PV Real Estate.

WONDER MODE - Chompoo is a very famous superstar in Thailand. Because she was born in Thailand and her mother is Thai, Buddhism became her religion.

She is a British-Thai national that is, her father is British and her mother is Thai.


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