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Dating back at least to the 15th century, which is when indigenous dances were first documented by European explorers, the roots of Latin dance are both deep and geographically far-reaching.

Long before men and women were dancing the Rumba or the Salsa, indigenous peoples of South and Central America were developing what we have come to recognize today as Latin dances.

In 2004 two of Mswati’s wives – Delisa Magwaza (La Magwaza) and Putsoana Hwala (La Hwala) – fled the royal palace as news of infidelity spread across the ­kingdom, Africa’s last absolute monarchy.

La Magwaza, who now lives in London, fled to Cape Town as news of her steamy relationship with a young Soweto lover, Lizo Shabangu, hit the headlines.

Eventually, Ext Calendar was forked to JCal Pro® in 2006 and distributed for free.

In 2007, JCal Pro® began charging for downloads and support as one of the first paid, GPL-compliant extensions in the Joomla add-on ecosystem.

Lightfast is Joomlashack’s response to this problem.

The entire file is only 13k and is SEO optimized right out of the box. Social Praise is built for community collaboration.

The small body text and expansive menu suggests this template would work well as a magazine layout. Jakarta Times | Download | Demo | Website A super-simple news and blog template that loads fast but can hold tons of information.

Today we announce with mixed emotions that our very first extension — JCal Pro® — is moving to a new home at Joomla Shack (formerly Alledia).

JCal Pro® started as a pet project by owner Victor Drover to maintain a private collection of bug fixes for the Mambo extension Ext Cal.

stays for "don't complicate things if it's not necessary".

Here at Avalpa, we have a long and successful experience in project management and we always find, at wrap-up time, that every piece we are later going to add to a design is clashing with other components of the solution, because projects are living things so designing for a moving target is never accomplished easily.


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