Dating for cat owners

I am what you would traditionally consider a dog person. Sometimes I like their dogs, and sometimes I only pretend to like them. We spent our fair share of time rolling around on his bed. I am not going to get into too much detail, but my grandmother was mentally ill. To me, owning a cat would put me one step closer to being crazy.

Pets Partners And uk is a dating site especially for pet lovers.

Pets Partners And Pals is all about enabling you to find that special, like-minded person to hit it off with in just the right way.

There are so many pet lovers out there looking for love of a human kind and we want to bring quality people together to make relationships for life.

It is because we care about what we do and the people who join us that we believe we are the online dating service of choice for animal lovers.

You can join for free and even browse and make contact for free! Whether you are a dog lover, a horse lover, a cat lover or a tortoise lover, you have come to the right place to find that unique, special person.

I only like dogs who meet the following criteria: A) Have non-smelly breath, B) Don’t shed and C) Don’t bark too much. And I spent a fair share of time visiting the eye doctor with chronic pink eye. I had to stop going over to my boyfriend’s house, which was fine because I was leaving for college and wanted to break up with him anyway.

According to the Truth About Pets and Dating survey, adopting a pet instead of buying one at the local shop makes you more attractive to 59 percent of singles.

Also, if you’re a guy who likes women and you have no dog, maybe you want to reconsider: 72 percent of the single women surveyed responded that a dog is the “hottest pet a guy could own.” Pet Smart Infographic" / Also, it turns out that owners of dogs are a little bit more, uh, dogmatic about their choice in pets: 97 percent of cat owners were open to dating “dog people,” but only 66 percent of dog owners are willing to cross that line.

Users — who are represented by their “catvatars” — can browse for cat content by moods like “funny” or “sad” and leave feedback in the form of comments or “emoji.” “The Internet loves cats.

We also love cats, and cats make people happy,” Phiong and Wan Koe told Beta in an email.


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