Chinese dating taboos

For me it was like, oh great, so my body is evidence of God's punishment? I come with a borrowed rib and the 'imposition' of blood because God was displeased.

And apparently I was also [an] evil temptress who contributed to the ‘fall of man’. There is no daylight in that constructed narrative for women.”In 1995, when the journalist Karen Houppert wrote an article on the tampon industry for the accompanying image caused a furore.

The picture showed the lower half of a woman’s naked body with one leg hitched up – nothing new there, as nearly nude women are used in advertising all the time – but there was a discreet but unmistakable string of a tampon showing just under her thigh.

There was no blood to be seen, not a thread of pubic hair, certainly no vagina on show, simply a string. Houppert went on to write a book, which challenged "the culture of concealment".

Completed in 720, this work also includes various myths and legends, and it helps establish the genealogy of the imperial family The Nihongi was greatly influenced by In Japanese mythology, everything in nature has a kami— a deity or spirit.

As a result, the Japanese pantheon is enormous, with some sources claiming that there are millions of different spirits and deities.

Once notorious for opium production, today Doi Mae Salong is famous for mushrooms, herbal medicines and oolong tea.

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